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At Alpha Bravo First Aid, we take pride in being your trusted partners in safety. Our commitment goes beyond mere first aid – we provide a lifeline to a safer and healthier future. Introducing the Zoll AED Plus, the heartbeat of our mission to help companies save lives.

Intuitive Precision

Designed with a touch of brilliance, the Zoll AED Plus seamlessly guides rescuers through critical moments. Its voice prompts are not just instructions; they're a calm assurance that anyone, regardless of medical expertise, can be a first aid hero when seconds matter most.

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Elevate Your Safety

  • Real CPR Help® Technology: Elevate CPR performance with instant analysis and actionable feedback.

  • Rugged Reliability: The Zoll AED Plus, features shock resistant and moisture resistant durability ensuring it thrives in challenging environments.

  • Extended Battery Life: Double the battery life versus Defibtech AED's

  • Low Maintenance: Automatic diagnostic tests ensure it's ready for your next emergency

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Zoll AED Plus with 8 year warranty​



Zoll AED Plus with 4 year warranty

*To reserve your AED please fill out a contact form so we can confirm your order.  


Invoices must be emailed separately due to Wix policy against selling medical equipment through their online checkout.

Please allow 5-10 days for local delivery. 


Are you a local business?  Ask us about an AED wall cabinet to secure your investment.

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