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"Sit back and enjoy the safety"

Nicholas Plazio Jr is an experienced first responder. After being a Cadet in the Maryland State Police, Correctional Officer for the Carroll County Sheriff, and United States Marine, he entered the private sector as a medical supply salesman. In early 2020, he lost his job due to the COVID pandemic. 

One day, Nick heard a business owner complain about how a first aid company wouldn't sell him supplies without a contract.  Nick thought to himself, “That’s not right. It shouldn’t be hard to protect your employees.” A lightbulb went off in Nick’s head. He told the business owner, “I can get you those products without a contract. I’m starting my own company”.  And Alpha Bravo First Aid was born with the mission to get companies the highest quality first aid supplies as quickly and easily as possible.

Nick decided to go back to school. Having earned a spot on the Dean’s list for academic excellence, he also entered a business contest at the Community College of Baltimore County. When the judges saw his solid business plan, they awarded him the seed money necessary to kickstart his business. After the contest, a college professor chose Nick to become a member of their “Elite Business Accelerator program” for elite entrepreneurs.

Why do companies need Alpha Bravo First Aid?  Did you know OSHA regulation 1910 has a long list of first aid supplies employers must provide?  But they didn't mention you can't get these items in a retail store. 

Why are we the best first aid and safety company?  Alpha Bravo First Aid provides premium quality products and exceptional customer service, period. First responders test our products so that you can have complete confidence in emergencies.  Our customer service is unmatched; we want you to feel comfortable contacting your rep 24/7, 365 days a year, with orders or issues.

How much time would you save if you no longer had to order, track, receive and fill your first aid kit?  Let the experts take over.  Book an appointment today so we can help you "Sit back and enjoy the safety."



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