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3 Surprising First Aid Products OSHA Wants Every Company To Have At Work

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Did you know businesses must have a specific list of first aid supplies? OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, can issue fines to companies that don't have the proper products to treat injured employees. Surprisingly, small businesses are not exempt from the first aid supply requirements. At Alpha Bravo First Aid, when we inspect the first aid cabinets of the companies that claim to be compliant, we look for these three overlooked items.

Eye Dressing

Eye dressings are oval cotton pads that protect the eye from dust, debris, and foreign objects. They also prevent further damage to the eye. Eye dressings are required in workplace first aid kits and should be readily accessible in case of a workplace accident where someone is injured due to flying dust and debris that damages the eyes.


An aluminum splint is a lightweight, rigid splint used to support injured limbs while they heal. The aluminum construction makes it strong and lightweight, and it's low-cost to buy. It can be cut to the required size with regular scissors or heavy-duty clippers, eliminating waste from having too many splints on hand. This is important for first aid kits in the workplace.

Triangular bandage

A triangular bandage is a non-elastic bandage with a base and two equal-sized flaps attached at each end. It provides support for joints and limbs, including pressure to wounds. A triangular bandage may be used as an arm sling, leg sling, or thigh splint.

How did you do? Does your company have all three items? Contact us today and let our experts manage your company's first aid program. Our full-service program will handle everything from ordering to restocking so you can have total peace of mind.

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