"Sit back and enjoy the safety"

In 2020 Nicholas Plazio was a delivery driver for a medical supply company.  When the COVID pandemic hit, he lost his job.  To make matters worse there were hiring freezes at every company and his wife just had their first baby.

Nick had a lot of experience as a first responder.  He was a police cadet, correctional officer and served in the Marine Corps.  Naturally, he always had a first aid kit on hand.  One day he went to the store to buy a new one.  But when he got home he was shocked at the poor quality of the items inside.  The bandages didn’t stick, the scissors barely cut and the gauze fell apart.

A conversation with a local business owner confirmed Nick’s problem was widespread.  This owner called a medical company and was told he couldn’t buy a single item unless he signed a contract.  And then it would take two months to set up the account.  Nick said, “That’s ridiculous.  I can get you those items in a couple of days, I’m starting my own company.  All you have to do is shake my hand”.  The owner replied, “Thank you that would be great."

Nick went back to college to learn about business.  After he took a few classes he entered a radio competition and won an advertising grant.  Then he entered his college business contest and won seed money to start his company.  Eventually,  Alpha Bravo First Aid was invited to become an elite member in the Center for Business Innovation.

At Alpha Bravo First Aid we do business the old-fashioned way.  We believe a handshake is better than a contract.  We sell premium quality products that are proudly made in the USA.  We believe customers shouldn't have to worry about hidden fees.  That's why we tell all our customers they can "Sit back and enjoy the safety".

Alpha Bravo First Aid is a limited liability company.



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405 North Center Street 
Westminster, Maryland

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