First Aid/CPR/AED training

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What makes us the best? 

We aren't just CPR instructors; we are experienced, first responders.  We are certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) to teach basic CPR and advanced CPR life-saving skills. 


Small classes are better

We keep our CPR classes small so you can work closely with your CPR instructor to get the best training possible.  


Learn from instructors who train medical professionals. 

We are the chosen CPR company of registered nurses, physician assistants, and pharmacists.



We will teach anyone who wants to learn at our Hampstead, Maryland, location.  We also travel to local companies to teach Group CPR classes.


Learn to work under pressure.  We will teach you how to save someone's life and the tricks we use to stay calm during emergencies.

All our courses include

  • When to use CPR on an adult

  • How to save a choking infant 

  • When to shock someone with an AED

  • and more

Choose your CPR certification


An entry-level American Heart Association course that teaches first aid training, CPR training, and AED training.  No prior experience is necessary to take this course.  

Alpha Bravo CPR

An entry-level course that teaches CPR training and AED training.  If you don't need an American Heart Association certification, you can learn the same techniques at a fraction of the cost.  

Basic Life Support (BLS)

An advanced American Heart Association course that teaches BLS CPR training and AED training.  

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