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Our Mission


In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicholas Plazio was managing first aid supplies and CPR programs for big companies. As a trained first responder he saw a need for better emergency response training and high-quality, American-made first aid supplies. This led him to take a business class, where he developed a passion for teaching people lifesaving skills.

Nicholas entered a business competition with his innovative ideas and won. Using the prize money, he left his corporate job and started Alpha Bravo First Aid. His goal was simple: to provide the best American Heart Association CPR training and first aid kits made in the USA.

The name "Alpha Bravo First Aid" comes from first responder terms. "Alpha" means minor emergencies, and "Bravo" means major ones. Our name shows our promise to prepare people for any emergency, big or small.

Today, Alpha Bravo First Aid is an American Heart Association First Aid/CPR/AED training site and top provider of first aid supplies in Maryland. Our training site in Westminster, Maryland, offers hands-on CPR training that feels real. 

We joined the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce in 2020 and have earned "Elite Member" status in the Center for Business Innovation at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Join us at Alpha Bravo First Aid, where we focus on your safety with realistic training and American-made first aid kits. Our mission continues with every life we help save and every person we prepare. From corporate safety to emergency readiness, Alpha Bravo First Aid is your trusted partner in safety.

Sign up now to get your American Heart Association CPR certification so you're prepared to save yourself, your family or your coworkers.  Once you're trained, select an American made first aid kit and prevent a costly trip to the hospital during your next emergency.

Alpha Bravo First Aid was on ABC WMAR 2 news
Alpha Bravo First Aid was featured on ABC news
Nicholas Plazio Jr is the  founder of Alpha Bravo First Aid

Nicholas Plazio 


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