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For five years, our founder worked as a safety representative managing over one thousand corporations' first aid supply and CPR programs.  One day he noticed that the quality of first aid supplies made overseas kept declining.  And he decided to do something about it.  

He left his career and started his own company.  A company that offers first aid cabinets proudly made in the USA.  Where first responders test and select products before they are provided to customers.  And where CPR classes are more realistic.

Our founder named the company Alpha Bravo First Aid.  Which is based on a secret code first responders use.  Minor emergencies are known as an "Alpha call," and major emergencies are called a "Bravo call."  


Today Alpha Bravo First Aid is one of the top companies in Maryland for American-made first aid supplies, CPR training, first aid training, and AED training. 


Contact us today!  So we can get started making your custom first-aid cabinet. 


Or book a CPR class to learn how to use first aid supplies properly.

*Alpha Bravo First Aid is a limited liability company.

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