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Alpha vs Amazon

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

What's the difference between an Alpha Bravo First Aid kit and the cheaper ones on Amazon? That was the question a customer had for us recently. The difference is in the details.

Alpha Bravo First Aid cabinets are designed to last a lifetime. Our kits are 100% metal and made in America. They are expertly powder-coated with paint to prevent rust and corrosion. A highly durable commercial adhesive holds on the door pockets. Our kits with medicine have expiration dates in the far future. All our first aid kits are stocked to be ANSI/OSHA compliant for the latest year.

We have purchased kits and supplies on Amazon in the past to compare the quality. Some of their similar kits are made in China. These kits are not powder-coated and could easily rust. The door pockets glue isn't as strong and needs to be replaced after a while. Some reviewers complain about receiving expired medicine. And we noticed that some of their kits listed as ANSI/OSHA compliant are filled to the old safety standards and wouldn't pass a current inspection at most companies. Because of all these issues, we are working on selling our kits on Amazon to raise the standard.

Lastly, Amazon is set up to show only positive product reviews on the first page. The customer must manually click "most recent reviews" to see the hidden negative comments and get an accurate idea of quality.

We aren't the cheapest, because we are the best.

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