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Get Certified with DDA Compliant "Heartsaver" CPR and First Aid Training in Westminster, Maryland

When emergencies arise, being prepared can make all the difference. That's why Alpha Bravo First Aid is proud to offer an in-person First Aid/CPR/AED class, "Heartsaver," certified through the American Heart Association (AHA). This comprehensive course not only provides you with essential life-saving skills but also ensures you're compliant with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) requirements for caregivers.

Why Choose "Heartsaver"?

The "Heartsaver" CPR and First Aid certification is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to respond effectively in emergency situations. Whether you’re a parent, aide, or caregiver this hands on CPR course covers all the essential topics to make sure you're prepared when it matters most.

Course Highlights:

1. **Comprehensive Training:** Learn CPR for adults, children, and infants, use of an AED, and how to respond to choking emergencies.

2. **First Aid Basics:** Gain skills in treating common injuries, managing sudden illnesses, and handling environmental emergencies.

3. **Hands-On Practice:** Engage in practical exercises to ensure you can perform life-saving techniques confidently and effectively.

4. **AHA Certification:** Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a 2 year certification card from the American Heart Association, recognized nationwide.

Compliance with Maryland DDA Requirements

For caregivers working with individuals with developmental disabilities, adhering to the Maryland DDA

guidelines is crucial. The "Heartsaver" course offered by Alpha Bravo First Aid meets these specific requirements, ensuring that caregivers are well-prepared to provide high-quality care and respond to emergencies effectively. This compliance not only enhances the safety and well-being of those in your care but also ensures you are meeting professional standards.

Why Alpha Bravo First Aid?

Alpha Bravo First Aid is an American Heart Association training site dedicated to providing top-notch training that is both accessible and effective. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching and are committed to making sure every participant leaves the class with the skills they need to save lives.

Benefits of Choosing Alpha Bravo First Aid:

**Expert Instructors:** Learn from certified professionals with extensive experience in emergency response and training.

**Flexible Scheduling:** Find a class time that fits your busy schedule with our variety of session options.

**Supportive Environment:** Benefit from a supportive learning atmosphere where questions are encouraged, and individual attention is provided.

Enroll Today!

Don’t wait until an emergency happens to wish you were prepared. Enroll in the "Heartsaver" CPR and First Aid certification class with Alpha Bravo First Aid today and gain the skills and confidence you need to make a difference. Whether you're fulfilling a requirement for work or simply want to be a more prepared community member, this course is a valuable investment in safety and peace of mind.

Visit our website or contact us directly to find out more about class schedules, enrollment options, and how Alpha Bravo First Aid can help you become a certified lifesaver. Your readiness can save lives—take the first step with us!


Stay safe, stay prepared, and be ready to make a difference with Alpha Bravo First Aid's "Heartsaver" CPR and First Aid certification. Visit

Alpha Bravo First Aid

Westminster, Maryland

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