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What medicine should be in every first aid kit?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

What over the counter medicine should be in every first aid cabinet and AED kit? Aspirin. Besides being a great pain reliever, aspirin is often recommended by 911 operators to treat people having a heart attack.

What exactly is a heart attack? A heart attack is caused by a blockage. When a blood clot occurs, blood is prevented from reaching the heart and keeping the person alive. However, Aspirin thins the blood and prevents clotting.

But why do you need aspirin next to your AED? People often confuse symptoms of cardiac arrest with a heart attack. Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops due to an electrical problem. So you need an electrical device (AED) to shock and reset the heart. Often times people run and grab an AED thinking it will help someone having a heart attack. It won't. Therefore in an ideal situation, aspirin is in your first aid kit and AED kit. When someone runs and grabs the AED, you can now treat cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

Which type of aspirin is best? Chewable aspirin. Often times people having a heart attack can't swallow a pill, but they can chew one.

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