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Why do restaurants use blue bandaids?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Why do restaurants use blue bandaids also known as Hi Visibility Blue Metal Detectable bandages? There are three reasons. First, the blue color is very easy to see amongst food. For instance, they really stand out against green lettuce and red spaghetti sauce so if one were to fall off an employee at a restaurant it could be easily detected.

The second reason is their metal detectable feature. Large food warehouses and companies use advanced technology to scan their food on a conveyor belt for hazards like metal.

The third reason is liability. Particularly in the fast food industry, it's common for customers to try and get a free meal by claiming they found a bandage in their food. Since blue bandages are more rare, restaurants can save thousands of dollars per year just by providing employees bandages with a unique color.

One last thing, remember since 2017 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) created a regulation that requires food workers who use a blue bandage to also cover their hand with a single use glove.

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